Dear Colleague

The organizing committee feels extremely proud and privileged in extending a hearty invitation to attend virtual Conference on Lead, Environment and Health being organized by Western Region Lead Referral Centre NRCLPI, Department of Biochemistry, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Jodhpur under aegis of NRCLPI, InSLAR and AIIMS, Jodhpur.
Metals are important and essential part of our daily lives. Their ubiquitous presence and use has not been without significant consequences. Both industrial and nonindustrial exposure to lead and other heavy metals has impacted environment and health. WHO has identified lead as one of the ten chemicals of major public health concern, needing action by Member States to protect the health of workers, children and women of reproductive age. Lead exposure was reported recently to account for 1.06 million deaths and 24.4 million years of healthy life lost (DALYs) worldwide due to long-term effects on health with the highest burden in low- and middle-income countries.
This conference will bring together experts for a common cause at a platform where delegates will have an excellent opportunity to interact on lead and other heavy metals related point source pollution, related health impacts, environmental control, remediation measures and possible solutions. It is also an opportunity to alert people working in the concerned area about its relevance and importance.